The Effect Of Surface Treatment On Color Of PVD Vacuum Coating

- May 15, 2019-

The effect of surface treatment on the color of PVD vacuum coating


Surface treatment

In the last issue of color, I Shared with you how the color of vacuum coating is formed, and what kinds of gases make up different colors.

In daily production, a wide variety of products come from different factories, so the same color vacuum coating products surface effect is the same? Are the colors single and uniform? Next, let's talk about the influence of surface treatment on color.


Polishing type

Metal artifacts in the process of processing, transport, storage and so on, the surface is often with rust, macular, polishing wax, oil, and other pollutants, in order to improve the product's suitability and corrosion resistance, beautiful, you must do to product before grinding, polishing or sandblasting processing, then to vacuum coating, plating and surface treatment is to improve metal and vacuum coating coating binding force of a key step.
Common polishing surfaces are laser light, mirror light, and light, and vibration light.


Does vacuum plating change the surface finish?

Each different polishing effect, the concave and convex of the product surface is not consistent, the light is reflected in the product surface is not the same, so different products surface pre-treatment is not the same, the luminosity of refraction will not be the same, color and luster is also different.
Vacuum coating is the process of transferring atoms or molecules from the source to the surface of the substrate, which is the material transfer in the physical process. PVD vacuum coating generally does not change or affect the luminosity of the surface of the product, so the bright color or the surface effect has a lot to do with the product itself.



1. Why is the color of my product not as bright as other products after coating?

To the lens smooth product of different smooth degree, although production in the same craft, the effect after plating film still can have the difference, so the brightness of the product still has a bigger concern with the product itself.


2. Why is the product color of the same furnace different?

PVD vacuum coating is a physical combination between ions, rather than a fixed color added in the outside world. Therefore, even for products with the same parameters, the color will not be consistent because of different materials and surface treatment.


Today I Shared with you the influence of different polishing surface treatments on PVD coating. The brightness of the surface color of the product after the coating depends on the surface treatment of the product itself. If there are scratches on the product itself, the scratches on the product after coating are still visible.

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