The Drive System And Cooling System Of PVD Coating Equipment

- Mar 31, 2018-

Drive System

The drive system allows the substrate to flow from putting substrate into the device for sputtering deposition, to coming out of the device after completion of processing. The drive system is composed of driving motor, scroll wheel, frequency converter and so on. The reasons for adding the drive system are:

(1) Ensure the uniform thickness coatings are widely distributed.

(2) Easy to realize automated transmission.


Cooling System

The cooling system is mainly composed of the target circulating water molecular pump, chamber, pump group and the drive motor cooling circulating water. Its main function is to cool the vacuum chamber, pump, drive, power supply, etc. The requirements of cooling water are:

(1) Temperature: 1722°C;

(2) Pressure: 2 ~ 3e0.05Pa;

(3) The magnetic particles should be removed from water, and the water should be softened, pH = 6~8.