The Inspiration Of The Design And The Plating Process Of The MI 8 Youth Edition

- Nov 03, 2018-

The inspiration of the design and the plating process of the MI 8 youth edition

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Recently, the mobile phone one thousand yuan level gradient, is composed of millet has a super high price (1399 yuan) mobile: millet youth version 8, it has a dream blue and gold two kinds of color, the twilight is millet first gradient phone, its release at the same time also marks the Chinese top 4 (huawei, OV, millet) mainstream terminal models have all adopted the gradients. Today, let's learn about the design inspiration, color technology and suppliers of this phone in terms of color.

 MI 801

1. Design inspiration of MI youth's mirror-changing mobile phone


The design inspiration of MI 8 youth edition comes from the impressionist master Monet, a representative figure of the impressionist painters in the second half of the 19th century. Especially to colorific apply quite exquisite, its expression form is genius, special.

 MI 802

"Haystack", "the Capitol" and "water lily" are all Monet master's representative works. Many paintings were created in different times and under different lighting conditions, and then presented different color descriptions.

These haystacks are very similar in shape, but have a completely different color. Monet wanted to use different colors to show the beauty of nature.

MI 803 

Each image captures the beauty of the different colors of light that shine through the clouds, fog, etc.

 MI 804

Different seasons, different times, different weather, different locations, the colors of each painting are changing.

 MI 805

From so many works of Monet master, the MI designer found two classic colors that Monet especially liked. The second is a golden colour palette at autumn or sunset.


1). Blue and purple in winter or morning mist

 MI 806

MI 8 youth version of the dream blue design inspiration is from the blue color match.

 MI 807

2). Golden pink at autumn or sunset

 MI 808

MI 8 youth version of the twilight gold design inspiration is from the gold powder color match.

 MI 809

In his multi of paintings, Monet applied the golden pink of autumn and sunset, the blue and purple of water and morning mist, and the color design inspiration of millet two gradually changing mobile phones came from the two colors of Monet.

 MI 810

MI 811

Design comes from nature and life. MI 8 youth edition is the first gradually changing color mobile phone of MI. The color matching of this model also fully confirms this sentence.


2. Surface discoloration process and supplier disclosure


The MI 8 youth version of the gradient process is the same as the Huawei P20. In addition to color matching, it also has a unique mirror effect. Nano-vacuum gradient coating process is adopted, especially magnetron sputtering coating. It can be said that the same process, the same materials, the same equipment.

 MI 812

The magnetron sputtering coating process can ionize argon and accelerate argon ions to hit the surface of the target material by applying an electric field between the target material and the vacuum chamber wall. The target material is hit by argon ions, the target atom overflows and flies to the surface of the plated substrate with the kinetic energy of tens or even hundreds of electron volts and deposits on the base surface. The atomic kinetic energy is two orders of magnitude higher than evaporation, the filling density can be as high as 98%, and the refractive index is high and stable.


MI youth version of the gradient process is nanometer vacuum plating, gradient effect is changing glass substrate by sputtering film when the film thickness of the 3 area (form the change of increasing or decreasing), thus forming a particular band, so want to make a perfect gradient effect, must be precisely controlled the layers of nano coating thickness difference, need careful adjustment of coating equipment and materials. The spectral color control of surface optical coated, and the matching with background color, so the difficulty and yield are very difficult to control. If there is any carelessness, the product will be scrapped due to color drift and the overall yield is very low.

 MI 813

In conclusion, the difficulty lies in the fact that the gradient range of spectral colors is very difficult to control, and it needs to be adjusted continuously to control the optical thickness of different areas of glass in the internal correction plate of the sputter machine. Meanwhile, this process is also restricted by the supply chain.


The vacuum magnetron spattering technology applied in addition is expensive, and a good magnetron spattering machine can cost up to ten million yuan. As a result, this kind of mirror gradient process based on structure color is more common in flagship models.


MI 8 youth edition 2.5d glass body and metal frame combination, the transition of glass and metal outline a curve, so that this phone has an excellent grip. The multi-layer nano-coating produced by vacuum magnetron sputtering on the surface of the rear cover itself is very light in color. When light hits the back cover and reflected light passes through the function of nano-coating, it becomes a fantastic gradually changing color in people's eyes.


3. MI also adopts vacuum progressive coating technology


As the mainstream color matching trend in the current mobile phone industry, gradient color is undoubtedly positive for the PVD industry in the future, as MI and Huawei all adopt film plating to achieve gradient color.