The Company Held The 2017 Annual Meeting In 3rd, Jan

- Feb 05, 2018-

On February 3, the Company held the 2017 annual meeting of Shenyang Zhuoyue Group (IKS PVD Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenyang Zhuoyue Group) at the theme hotel with a theme of "Substantial past and Prosperous future". All employees of the company gathered together to share the joy.


Mr. Wang Jun, chairman of the company delivered a speech for the annual meeting, followed by 2017 annually excellent employee prize presentation. In the latter part of the banquet, the company employees showed some wonderful performances such as singing, dancing, interesting games and so on. Besides, the luck draw made everyone pleasantly surprised again and again. And then the games and programs promote the atmosphere climax after another, the party is full of applause, cheers, laughter and joys.


We got stronger in the past 2017, and we believe that there are new opportunities and challenges in 2018, with full of hope, we should be able to blaze the trail for a successful Long March, if we are all Gung-ho about it.

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