The Commonly Used Target Material Of PVD Vacuum Film

- Feb 19, 2019-

The commonly used target material of PVD Vacuum film


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The biggest difference between the color mesa and the conventional color mesa is the value of C and H, so it can be said that black is also a color mesa.

Zirconium + nitrogen: yellowish green to golden yellow

Zirconium + methane: dark black

Zirconium + oxygen: white, transparent film

Zirconium + nitrogen + methane: gold, imitation rose gold


Chromium + methane: dark to light black

Chromium + nitrogen: light black

Chromium + nitrogen + methane: silver gray

Chromium + oxygen: light yellow, purple, green


SUS+ oxygen: purple

SUS+ nitrogen: blue

SUS+ methane: bright black

SUS+ methane + nitrogen: blue-black


Silicon + nitrogen: black

Silicon + oxygen: opaque white, transparent film

Silicon + methane: yellow, green, blue and black (the purity of target material is higher than 99% and only black can be adjusted)


Titanium + oxygen: optical film color section, do not introduce to understand.

Titanium + methane: dark black (preparation of DLC is not up to standard)

Titanium + nitrogen: imitation gold, copper, purple, red

Titanium + nitrogen + methane: imitation rose gold, black green, retro yellow, brown, purple


Tungsten + nitrogen: brownish yellow

Tungsten + methane: dark to light black

Tungsten + oxygen: purple, bright yellow, brown, blue


The above only decorative film common materials and common gases, usually methane and acetylene can replace each other, but some colors involved in methane effect is better. In addition to the above commonly used materials,

Metal target materials and nickel, aluminum, tantalum, hafnium, manganese, copper, zinc, indium, tin, etc., are used in coating. Multi - target materials such as ti - al, cr - al, ti - zr, cu - mn, ni - cr, si - al, v - re, w - mo and so on.