Structure And Working Principle Of Pressure Control Instrument

- Nov 11, 2020-

Structure and Working Principle of Pressure control instrument,it is usually composed of pressure given unit, vacuum measuring unit (vacuum gauge), pressure regulating unit, driving circuit, vacuum regulating valve and other basic units. It has manual and automatic pressure adjustment functions. For the pressure control instrument with discrete components, the given unit is usually a potentiometer, and the pressure control unit is usually an operational circuit with the operation function of proportional integral (PI) or proportional integral differential (PID). For microcomputer pressure controller, the given unit is usually set by keyboard or code disk. The pressure regulating unit and the measuring unit are integrated into a single chip microcomputer system. The pressure regulating function is to use the single chip microcomputer system to realize pressure regulating through digital PID calculation. As for the driving circuit and the vacuum regulating valve, the pressure crutches of two different circuit structures of the same type are roughly the same. The pressure controller can operate under manual and automatic working conditions. When the switch S reaches the manual position, the pressure controller is equivalent to a manual fine-tuning vacuum valve for manual pressure adjustment. When switch S to automatic position, pressure control instrument constitute a closed-loop automatic control system, which can realize the pressure setting value automatically adjust the control process is: first of all, by a given unit set want to control the pressure value, according to the specific characteristics of the controlled object, choose a good proportion of PID adjusting unit Nai Ti, differential, integral time Td parameters such as time, when the vacuum measurement unit output a characterization is accused of vacuum vacuum chamber pressure high and low voltage signal, the section pressure unit pressure setting can be compared with pressure measurements, and the difference of operation (such as P, PI, PID);Then, through the driving circuit, the vacuum regulating valve is driven to change the gas flow into the vacuum chamber, so as to maintain the pressure in the vacuum chamber at a given value. Of course, this is the ideal control state. In fact, due to the characteristics of the pressure regulating unit of the pressure control instrument, the controlled pressure can only approach to the given pressure value and keep within the allowable deviation range from the given pressure value. The value of this deviation indicates the pressure control accuracy of the pressure control instrument.


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