Sincere Invitation To 2018 Western-China International Vacuum Exhibition In Xi'an

- Mar 13, 2018-

2018 Western-China International Vacuum Exhibition

Date: Mar. 15~18 2018

Venue: Xi’an Qujiang International Convention Center, Stadium B1



2018 Western-China International Vacuum Technology And Equipment Exhibition (In short: Western-China International Vacuum Exhibition) is jointly host by Shaanxi science and technology association and Shaanxi Vacuum Society at official invitation of the China West International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition. Western-China International Vacuum Exhibition is a large-scale, professional and standardized industry event.

The western China is one of the important bases of vacuum technology and industry in which brings together national defense, aerospace, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and numerous vacuum industries, covering vacuum equipment production, vacuum smelting, vacuum heat treatment, photovoltaic, semiconductors, vacuum appliances, vacuum coating, oil filter, pharmaceutical, pharmacy and other vacuum equipment manufacturing and application industries.

At the same time, the Western-China Vacuum Technology Forum will be held to build a bridge for colleagues in the vacuum industry and contribute to the western vacuum industry.

With the continuously upgrade and industry's westward migration of vacuum technology, as well as the continuous development of the “The Belt and Road”, the vacuum industry in the western-China will surely grow faster and stronger. Accompanied by the development of vacuum technology and industry in the west, the western-China International Vacuum Exhibition will also continue to be held.

Range of Exhibition:

Vacuum related scientific research achievements and technology, vacuum application technology and equipment, vacuum related manufacturing technology and equipment, vacuum related peripheral products and accessories, etc.

We will attend Western-China International Vacuum Exhibition and communicate with the seminar with experts and representatives from home and abroad to discuss the development trend of the industry and share experience.