Shenzhen First Start Qizhi Manufacturing Engine, 2019 Shenzhen Full Touch And Display Exhibition Light Touch Vision

- Oct 22, 2019-

Shenzhen "first" start qizhi manufacturing engine, 2019 shenzhen full touch and display exhibition light touch vision


On November 21-23,2019. the c-touch & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2019 will be held in SHENZHEN exhibition center.


At the new development stage of domestic mobile phone innovation material technology competition and commercial big screen application scene, this exhibition is committed to show the vigorous vitality and new vitality of domestic and foreign touch display industry and build a high-quality innovation display platform for the whole industrial chain of electronics industry. After 40 years of reform and opening up, shenzhen, the main venue of the exhibition, will continue to build a demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics on the basis of the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area, reappearance of the world-renowned "shenzhen speed", "shenzhen quality" and "shenzhen standard", and continue to lead the new wave of reform and opening up. The 2019 shenzhen international full touch and display exhibition, which occupies the right time and place, will describe this magnificent development chart with what kind of stroke for touch display industry, let us wait and see!


Conform to the shenzhen pilot demonstration area positioning, tracing touch display industry development chart


Shenzhen is supported by the national dual policy, and the industries in various fields, especially the high-speed development of high-tech industry and electronics manufacturing industry, have benefited significantly. At present, most of the world's top 500 enterprises have branches in shenzhen, domestic technology Internet companies huawei, tencent and electronic manufacturing giants dji, zte, skyworth, foxconn, dazu laser, Great Wall and other well-known enterprises are located in shenzhen, shenzhen has laid a solid foundation for electronic information and electronic manufacturing industry. Having been at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship in China for a long time, and with the help of national policies, shenzhen will make full efforts in such innovative fields as 5G, artificial intelligence, screen display, cyberspace science and technology, and life information science. Based on the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area and radiating the whole south China, shenzhen international all-touch and display exhibition focuses on two hot fields of touch control and display, which is in line with the industry positioning of shenzhen's scientific and technological innovation and advanced manufacturing. The prospect of the exhibition is worth the common expectation of all people in the industry.


Ceramic materials become the winner of 5G era, 5G mobile phone innovation technology and material equipment exhibition area to track the trend of industry change


2019 is the first year of 5G mobile phones. The huge market prospect enables global brands to accelerate the deployment of 5G mobile phones for mass production. In September alone, there will be iPhone11, huawei Mate 30, OPPO Reno2, vivo NEX 3 5G, xiaomi MIX4, samsung Galaxy Fold and other mobile phones.


Compared with the traditional 4G communication, the 5G era requires faster signal transmission speed and stronger signal penetration, which puts forward more stringent requirements on the material of the back panel of mobile phones. At present, in the market mainstream mobile phone backplane materials, curved glass is fragile and heat dissipation effect is general; Composite plastics lack texture and not environmentally friendly; The metal back plate severely blocks signal penetration. And the ceramic material that zirconia is represented made up for these short board, have high strength tall hard, acid and alkali to resist corroding, fight scratch wear-resisting, do not have signal shield, heat dissipation performance is good, exterior effect is good wait for superior performance, got the high favour of mobile phone manufacturer. With the well-known mobile phone manufacturers huawei, xiaomi and others have launched zirconia ceramic back phone, the new material of the mobile phone back market heat gradually go up, and more and more people focus on.


Photo source: 2018 shenzhen international full touch and display exhibition


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Touch will host the 2019 shenzhen international exhibition and display, will be open special equipment exhibition "5 g phones innovation technology and materials", this suit 5 g era of mobile phone industry changes, and the current attendance to discuss dynamic and future direction of 5 g material, showing each supplier for 5 g era of technology and product layout, especially the 3 c electronic products, mobile intelligent terminal products cover and back cover finished goods, materials, processing equipment, 3 c, mobile intelligent terminal professional audience of upstream and downstream industry chain to provide face-to-face commerce technology exchange platform.


Showing creates multiple application scenarios, large screen intelligent interaction technology and application exhibition area services in many areas


The public in the smart age is increasingly connected to the world through one or more LCD screens, guided by it to travel every Angle of the world. "From small to large", "from thick to thin" shang display technology, thus began the great leap forward development, whether the market share or product technology have been greatly improved. Now, LED, OLED, Mini laser projection, LCD splicing, LED, electronic paper display technology are applied to business products, create more applications for business show industry scene, in the form of simple and direct the human-computer interaction for each service sector provides a good platform for the display and automation terminal processing, to solve complex problems in production and living and its perfection in picture form.


Photo credit: international new display technology exhibition 2019

With the launch of 5G in 2019 and continuous deployment of cloud computing, smart transportation, smart retail, smart education, smart government affairs and smart medical care will all be realized in the near future. Intelligent display terminal equipment will become the most important entry of human-computer interaction, display + touch also provides the most convenient human-computer interaction solution. The display area of large-screen intelligent interaction technology and application will focus on displaying the leading edge DLP Mosaic large-screen display, LCD large-screen display, LED large-screen display, and laser large-screen display. As a new carrier of modern information interaction, shang xian technology is implementing different scene applications with different functions, thus sweeping the whole social construction and service system, and creating a shining new atmosphere for it. Professional visitors from various industries will have the opportunity to join hands with display industry suppliers, Internet giants and interactive terminal enterprises around the world to build an efficient communication and display platform covering unmanned new retail, self-service interaction, interactive digital signage and other fields.


Of course, to promote the development of touch display industry as its mission, the 2019 shenzhen international full touch and display exhibition highlights far more than this. Three days of touch display carnival, in addition to a rich and colorful on-site features exhibition area and theme activities, the organizer also carefully planned a number of industry focus on the same period BBS activities, invited the industry giants, wisdom collision thinking. Looking forward to the industry people continue to pay attention to the 2019 shenzhen international full touch and display exhibition, jointly describe the new chapter of the industry development!