Several Electronic Products That Used PVD Technology

- Jun 22, 2018-



PVD technology is used on the grey middle frame surface, this coating is a kind of nano composite multi-layer film with high hardness and super wear-resisting characteristics. This coating is able to pass very strict environmental testing items, coating thickness is only about 1.5 microns, which can ensure that the stainless steel frame highlight specular effect is not changed.



Huawei Nova 2 Plus


Take the magic mirror version of the Huawei nova 2 Plus as example, it uses bimetal vacuum composite technology to attach a 250 μm stainless steel layer to the surface of the aluminum alloy, allowing the stainless steel layer to undergo a later polishing process and show the perfect mirror effect finally. In addition, Huawei nova 2 Plus also uses ion evaporation technology to plate a protective film for the mirror surface, which effectively increase the hardness by 5 times, so that the mirror is not easy to be scratched.



MI 6


The bright silver MI 6 uses PVD plating technology which is a kind of vacuum coating technology. In the process of electroplating, billions of nanometer-sized particles deposit on the inner surface of the glass in a vacuum environment, and the mirror effect is obtained after repeatedly vacuum coating process. Compared with film laminating, PVD electroplating technology has higher requirement for the processing environment. It is necessary to know that the diameter of the colored particles is even smaller than that of the hair filaments, so the effect of a dust on the coloring is infinitely enlarged. Therefore, the coating process must be done in a vacuum-free environment. For MI 6, however, the challenge for this process is more than that. The curved glass used for MI 6 causes a difference in the thickness of the particles, resulting in uneven surface gloss and a very low yield. Considering that metal shall shield signals, the selection of colored particles is also very particular. MI also made many attempts to finalize the current plan, resulting in the high cost of MI 6 bright silver version.



Amazfit Bracelet


Using a 1.23-inch color IPS LCD screen, the surface is covered by the 2.5D Corning Gorilla Generation 3 glass. Also it is coated with AF anti-fingerprint coating. The frame and the back are MIM process integrated 316L stainless steel case, and heart rate monitoring module is also provided on the back. Huami Technology said that the bracelet uses the same PVD physical vapor deposition process as the iPhone X to ensure that the color of stainless steel frame is exactly the same as the color of the glass.