​Several Common Plastic Materials Of Vacuum Coating

- Nov 10, 2018-

Several common plastic materials of vacuum coating


For plastic materials used in the vacuum coating machine, need high combining with the membrane layer, put a little pot, heat stability, at the same time satisfy the three conditions of plastic material is very few, but the plastic material application in industrial production is very extensive, so the application of plastic vacuum coating machine is developed, in order to make more plastic in the vacuum coating, often through various methods to improve.


Now introduce several kinds of commonly used in vacuum coating plastic, ABS is the first to use, is the plastic at the same time satisfy the three conditions, A representative of acrylonitrile, B on behalf of butadiene, styrene S representative, plastic containing more than three kinds of material is ABS plastic, ABS plating membrane layer, can very good play its mechanical properties, impact resistance, relying on its high hardness, wear resistance, the cost is not high, are often used to replace some metal machinery parts and components, also used in the production of household appliances shell, but because of containing butadiene, ABS cannot be used in outdoor, otherwise you will become angry.


PETP polyethylene terephthalate vinegar, or pet for short, is another kind of plastic that meets three conditions after ABS. The coated film has good tensile strength and great toughness. PS polystyrene can withstand the temperature under 100 , the adaptability of vacuum coating, colorless, tasteless, acid and alkali, is a very good insulation materials, but because of the easy embrittlement, so use is not widespread. PC polycarbonate can also be vacuum coating, mechanical properties and impact resistance, but relatively high price, and when the control is not good, easy to crack. PA polyamide vacuum coating can be oil and moisture proof, shading and heat insulation performance is also very good, can be used as a material for the production of high-end packaging products.


Polyethylene due to vacuum coating to adapt to the poor, but still can be used in vacuum coating by modified, but can only produce low-grade packaging products or thermal insulation products, more stable than polyethylene polypropylene is heated, and very light, so its use value is higher, but the combination of polypropylene and film sex more bad, so must carry on the coating surface treatment before, as a decorative as membrane layer, make the products more beautiful.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of not easy corrosion material, but the heat is not stable, it can withstand temperature 60 below, in order to improve its heat resistance will add stabilizer, vacuum coating machine also should choose low temperature coating equipment.


The vacuum coater is applied in all walks of life, and the extensive application of plastics, the continuous development of vacuum coater technology is bound to extend its tentacles into the plastics industry. Faced with some commonly used plastics that can't directly conduct vacuum coater, researchers use scientific knowledge to solve problems, because difficulties cannot hinder the development of science and technology.


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