Selection The PVD Coating Target Material

- Dec 22, 2018-

Matters needing attention in the selection of PVD coating target material

 High Purity Planar Sputtering Target

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In the selection of target materials, in addition to the use of the membrane itself, the following questions should be considered:


(1) the target material should have good mechanical strength and chemical stability after film forming;

(2) the combination between the target material and the substrate must be firm after the film is formed; otherwise, the film material with good adhesion force with the substrate should be adopted, and a layer of base film should be sputtered before the preparation of the required film layer;

(3) as a membrane material for reactive sputtering, it must be easy to generate compound membranes with reactive gases

(4) on the premise of satisfying the film performance requirements, the smaller the difference between the thermal expansion coefficient of the target material and the substrate, the better, so as to reduce the influence of sputtering film thermal stress;

 (5) according to the application and performance requirements of the film, the selected target material must meet the technical requirements of purity, impurity content, component uniformity and machining accuracy.