Rotary Vane Pump Working Principle

- Jul 13, 2018-

The working principle of rotary vane pump is as below:

1. A rotor (2) is positioned eccentrically in the pump cylindrical housing (1).

2. The free moving vanes (4) are inserted into a numerous rotor slots (3).

3. When the rotor turns the centrifugal force throws the vanes against the cylindrical wall and creates a chamber between the rotor and the cylinder. As the rotor continues to turn the chamber volume between the blades keep changing due to the rotor positioned eccentrically.

4. From the inlet (5) to outlet (6) The chamber volume (7) becomes bigger and then smaller.

5. When the volume gets bigger a vacuum is produced as a result from the rotation of the vanes making air entering the chamber from the inlet (5).

6. When the chamber gets smaller due to the compressed air a pressure is produced at the outlet (6).