- Dec 11, 2018-

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 Without coating the drawing die fails after approximately 50.000 parts due to pick-up. A TiN coated die lasts for approximately 100.000 parts, a CrN coated die lasts for approximately 150.000 parts, with a greased metal sheet. With a duplex coating of Metallic the drawing die was able to draw more than 750.000 parts. The biggest advantage next to the increased endurance is processing without lubricants. This does not only reduce tool cost, but also cost for lubricants and cleaning as well as reduction of waste disposal cost.

Without coating 10.000 parts were manufactured and the tool had to be overhauled. Maximum endurance of the tool was 40.000 parts. Due to the duplex coating of Metallic the tool has manufactured 200.000 parts to date. No wear on the tool was noticed. The use of drawing compounds was reduced to "zero".

Problem was the short endurance of the tool. After approximately 100 parts (6 parts/min.) the tool was dismantled and polished because the part could no longer be ejected.

After polished and coated with Metallic no further problems occurred and the tool works without lubricants for 10 months.

With TiN coating approximately 1.000 punches. With CrN coating approximately 3.000 punches. After coating with Metallic it was not necessary to clean weekly due to a considerable smaller film build-up.

Without coating the tool was dismantled after approximately 30.000 parts and completely overhauled (resink die and polish drawing die). With Metallic coating approximately 130.000 parts were manufactured without using drawing compounds.

Requirement was removal of the drawer without coning. For every shot a release agent was sprayed on; after every 25-30 parts the film was so thick that the parts could not be ejected and tool needed to be polished. After Metallic coating the removal of the part from the mould is simpler with less use of release agents. There was also a reduction in scratching the mould because the removal force was reduced and it was no longer necessary to strip by hand.