PVD Vacuum Coating Pretreatment - Deburring

- Feb 08, 2018-

Most of the high-speed steel, tool steel cutting tools such as hobs, slotting cutters, broach, drills, milling cutters have burrs after sharpening. If choosing suitable processing tools and machining parameters, there will be less burr. When the cutting tools have burrs after sharpening, it is needed to remove the burr before coating. If PVD coating film directly covers on the burr, the burrs along with the coating on it will fall off quickly off in the process of using, and then the coating around it will crack in a short time. As a result, the service life of workpiece will be shortened sharply after losing the protection of the coating. So deburring is very important to increasing or improving the service life of coated tools. 


There are a variety of methods of deburring, such as manual cleaning, semi-automatic brush cleaning, glass bead peening machine cleaning and so on. Cemented carbide cutting tools have hardly any burrs, if any, the burr is very small and hard, besides, the cemented carbide is brittle and easy to crack. So, the blade is easy to be damaged when using automatic or semi-automatic cleaning equipment. And generally, the manual cleaning method is adopted. The tool should be put under a 20 times precision magnifying glass, and using a soft stainless steel blade to gently scrape the burr away one by one, so the cutting edge of tools will not be damaged with good control.


Semi-automatic cleaning method is mainly applied to the deburring of hobs. The method is to install the hob on the low speed turntable (e.g. lathe), and gently press the tool with a stainless steel brush. With the turning of the tools, the burr will be broke off. Note that the tool should be rotated back to the rake face to prevent the rake face from being bruised.

Glass bead peening machine is a kind of burr automatic cleaning equipment and it is commonly used at present. After setting the parameters and installing the cutting tools, the device can automatically remove the burr. This method is efficient and stable.