PVD Vacuum Coating Of Ferromagnetic Target Materials

- Feb 18, 2019-

PVD Vacuum Coating of ferromagnetic target materials


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The difficulty of the magnetic target in PVD vacuum Coating is that the magnetic field on the surface of the target cannot reach the magnetic field intensity required by normal vacuum plating. Therefore, the solution is to increase the intensity of the remanent magnetic field on the surface of the ferromagnetic target in order to meet the requirement of the size of the magnetic field on the surface of the target in normal sputtering work.


There are several ways to realize PVD vacuum Coating:


1. Design and improvement of the target material (reducing the thickness of the ferromagnetic target material is a common solution to of the target material of PVD vacuum Coating of ferromagnetic material). ;

2. Enhance the magnetic field effect of PVD vacuum Coating cathode;

3. Reduce the magnetic permeability of the target material;

4. Designed a new magnetron sputtering cathode device;

5. Design new vacuum electroplating system;

6. Comprehensive design of target material and magnetron sputtering cathode device.