PVD Vacuum Coating Machine Operation Instruction

- Mar 19, 2019-

PVD vacuum coating machine operation instruction



starting up


1. Check whether the waterway is unblocked, and confirm whether the cooling tower and radical pump are working normally (the water pressure should be above 0.4mpa).

 2. Check whether the air path is clear and confirm whether the air compressor is working normally (the air pressure should reach 0.5mpa).

 3. Turn on the power switch, turn on the switch of "start up" and "maintain pump", and when the thermocouple meter reading of the vacuum gauge is below 10pa, turn on the four switches of "diffusion pump temperature controller 1, 2" and "diffusion pump 1, 2". That is, the diffusion pump heating (about 1 hour).

4. After the heating time is about 10 minutes, start the low-temperature trap. After the 6-minute cooling time, press F1 to start the low-temperature trap. When the set temperature on the temperature controller is reached, normal production operation can be carried out.


production and operation


1. Confirm that the film material, ion source filament and workpiece frame in the vacuum chamber have been placed as required.

 2. Turn on the "rough pump", switch the automatic gear of the air extractor to the automatic gear, turn on the "automatic air extractor" switch, and wait for the door of the vacuum chamber to close.

3. When the roots pump automatically starts, press the low-temperature trap "F2" to start the trap refrigeration function.

 4. This operation should be different from the process and there are major changes, here is not a detailed description, that is to say.

5. The process is complete, close the gun, the ion source (must XianGui zero filament power flow, and then close the power supply), such as switch, open the automatic air switch, after being fine suction valve closed, the automatic extraction hand switch to manual (here in addition to the necessary notice to maintain pump, diffusion pump, pumping, the four boot switch is pressed, the other never press the switch, in order to avoid the error caused by diffusion pump exposed to atmosphere!) Press the trap F3 to turn on the temperature return function. When the temperature of the low-temperature trap rises to more than 30 degrees Celsius, open the "filling valve". When the vacuum chamber door opens, close the "filling valve". (note: it is strictly prohibited to confuse "automatic air extraction" with "automatic air charging" switch)

6. The above cycle is the normal operation process.


closing down


1. Close the vacuum chamber door to a certain vacuum and close all the switches except the "stop" switch.

2. The power supply, air compressor, cooling tower and radical pump can be turned off only after the vacuum coating machine has been cooled for one hour.


Note: all the above operations must be strictly carried out and cannot be changed without permission. If the coating machine is damaged or affected due to improper operation, the operator will bear the corresponding responsibility.


Warning: there are many high voltage transformers in this machine, the voltage is up to 8KV, in order to avoid safety accidents, do not open the shielding door under the electric cabinet and vacuum chamber without permission.


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