PVD Vacuum Coating Equipment Evaporation System Work

- Nov 08, 2017-

PVD vacuum coating equipment evaporation system mainly refers to the film forming part, PVD coating machine has many film forming devices, PVD coating has resistance heating, RF sputtering, ion plating and other ways.

The methods of PVD coating resistance heating and electron gun evaporation are introduced below:

PVD coating resistance evaporation according to its structure and working principle is the most widely used so far. PVD coating is the most widely used evaporation method, and PVD coating is the longest evaporation mode.

The operation of PVD coating is:

PVD coated tungsten sheet will make boat shaped, and then installed in the middle of the two electrodes, reheat conduction to the coating material PVD, when tungsten boat heat is higher than that of PVD coating material melting, sublimation or evaporation materials, PVD coating due to the convenient operation, simple structure, low cost. PVD coating electron gun evaporation is the most widely used evaporation mode so far. PVD coating can evaporate any kind of PVD coating material.

The coating material in the crucible inside, PVD coating will be made into filament shape evaporation source, PVD coating because the filament material is tungsten, forming a PVD coating due to electron beam, electron beam temperature is very high, PVD coating can melt any coating materials setting down.