PVD Vacuum Coating AIDS Green Manufacturing-Car Trim

- Apr 24, 2020-

What is magnetron sputtering.
Faced with difficulties, more and more enterprises have chosen new technologies that are more environmentally friendly, among which PVD vacuum coating technology has become the first choice of electroplating alternative technology because of its green environment protection and good performance.


IKS PVD company Customized equipment solutions by magnetron sputtering process deposition film material, its working principle is: the positive ions generated by gas discharge under the action of electric field acceleration become energetic particles, the impact of solid material surface membrane layer, after the exchange of energy and momentum, film material's atoms or molecules on the surface under the bombardment left and deposited on the substrate surface. The film deposited by magnetron sputtering has the advantages of high density, excellent adhesion, good uniformity and accurate thickness control.


Principle of magnetron sputtering

The entire PVD vacuum coating process production does not produce sewage, and can make a high hardness, a variety of colors of color film and through the fixture to cover plating to avoid subsequent processing, it is an environmental protection and advanced technology.
Of course, PVD vacuum replacement of electroplating is not a smooth road, and there are still many technical difficulties to be solved gradually.
For example, PVD technology has high requirements on the flatness and hardness of the substrate. Due to the thin deposition film layer by PVD technology, the coating can not be filled as well as water plating, so the surface brightness must rely on high performance and hard bottom coating as a prerequisite.


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