PVD Vacuum Coating AIDS Green Manufacturing-Car Trim

- Apr 23, 2020-

· PVD Vacuum coating AIDS green manufacturing-Car trim


Intelligence, environmental protection has been the goal of automobile manufacturing and even the whole manufacturing industry.

But can ever imagine, when we enjoy the family car inside, outside the car gorgeous and colorful, behind the noble luxury decoration is decorative parts have been used to bring a lot of pollution and waste of electroplating process, which undoubtedly makes us in the enjoyment of beauty while bringing infinite haze.

Let's see what electroplating is.
Electroplating is an electrochemical process as well as an REDOX process. The basic process of electroplating is to deposit the required coating on the parts after the parts are immersed in a solution of metal salt as the cathode and the metal plate as the anode. For example, in the case of nickel plating, the cathode is the part to be plated, and the anode is the pure nickel plate. The reactions at the anode and cathode are as follows:

Cathode (plated) :Ni2++2e→Ni (main reaction)

2H++2e→H2↑ (side effect)

Anode (nickel plate) :Ni-2e→Ni2+(main reaction)

 4OH--4e→2H2O+O2 (side effect)


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