PVD Vaccum Coating Is The Product Of The Progress Of The Times

- Dec 17, 2018-

PVD Vaccum coating Is the product of the progress of The Times


In many areas of application, vacuum coating technologies continue to replace traditional methods such as chrome electroplating. The flexibility of this technique enables all types of materials, without distinction of shape, structure and size to be coated. This process gives technical as well as ornamental objects a very shiny, reflective, metallic look which can be in various colours. In addition to obtaining high surface resistance, products gain a decorative look lasting over time.

With the development of the society,surface finish process was change and developping,and PVD vacuum coating can make your product competitive in the market,if you want to update your product surface coating process,contact with IKS PVD now,iks.pvd@foxmail.com

Reference vacuum division director ms Yang for the conference summary of words: "10 years ago, when all people still use the traditional phone, everybody still wedded to focus on basic standby cell phone, communication quality and concise durable, a gifted a whim let smartphone changed the world, emptied our pockets and our kidney.When the CEO of a traditional mobile phone brand realized that the era of smart phones has come, he burst into tears and left a sigh of "You didn't do anything wrong, but You lost".

You haven't done anything wrong, you're just old;

You didn't do anything wrong; you just missed it.

You didn't do anything wrong. The world just went too fast.

You didn't do anything wrong; your opponent did it right!

If you just follow the footsteps of the traditional market, sooner or later, you will find out what kind of order you want to buy for "I have done nothing wrong", understand why you have done nothing wrong, but lost all...