PVD Nano Coating’ S Problem That Needs To Be Solved In The Future

- Jun 02, 2018-

The research time of nano-coatings is not long, and there are many problems wait to be studied and discussed.


1. Coating thickness and interface bonding problems.

The reference thickness of the conventional coating is generally about 2 to 6 μm on a single surface, and the nano-coating is different. It requires that the material particles must be nanometer-scale, and the coating must be densely bonded with the substrate to play a structural and functional role.


2. Manufacture of thermal sprayed nano-structured particles materials.

For coating technology, the obstacle to the development of thermal spray nano-coating technology is that nano-powders cannot be directly used for thermal spraying. Nano-particles must be re-formed into micron-sized particles by the granulation technology before they can be sprayed with thermal spraying technology.


3. Complex processes and high costs.


Nano-coatings and the production techniques are evolving with the development of nano-materials. On the basis of the continuous achievement in the manufacture of nanomaterials and the deepening of basic theoretical research, the nanometer functional coatings will have faster and more comprehensive development, also, the manufacture methods will continue to innovate and improve, the application of it will be widened to many fields. It will not only play an irreplaceable role in the high-tech field, but also bring vitality to traditional industries.