PVD Film Resistance

- Mar 26, 2020-

PVD film resistance
· corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties.
Resistance to acid,
· in the conventional environment, indoors or outdoors, it is antioxidant, does not fade, does not lose luster and leaves no trace. · it will not be damaged under normal use.
· colorfast.
· easy to remove paint and handwriting.
· do not tarnish, oxidize, fade, fall off and burst under strong sunlight, salty wetland and urban environment.
Film color variety, the surface is fine and smooth, rich in metallic luster, never fade.
In the hot sun, wet and other harsh environment, not discoloration, not off, stable performance.
High wear resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to scratch.
Wide range of plating materials, with a strong bond with the substrate.
High vacuum ion coating technology -- really harmless to human body and ecological environment.
Economy: save (reduce) the time and cost of cleaning and polishing for general copper (gold) plating products. Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner to clean the PVD film.


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