PVD Decorative Plating And PVD Tool Plating

- Jan 31, 2018-

The decorative PVD coating film is thin, the main purpose of the film is to improve the appearance of workpiece such as color, brightness, etc. At the same time, decorative PVD coating film can also reduce surface wear, resist corrosion and extend the service life of the workpiece.  


PVD decorative plating is mainly used for some household hardware products, such as: watches, doors and windows, locksets, door hinges, door knobs, kitchen hardware, bathroom hardware, lighting hardware, tableware, knife scissors and so on. The coated product is elegant, dazzling and beautiful, the film is wear resist and fadeless.

The tool PVD coating film is thicker than decorative plating film, and the main purpose of the tool coating is to extend the service life of various hardware tools, turning tools, molds and all kinds of medical equipment such as screwdrivers, pliers, turning tools, milling cutters, planer tools, drill bits, surgical forceps, scalpels, etc. The tool coating film has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, high heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

PVD tool coatings can greatly extend the service life of the product. For example, after coating process, the service life of turning tools such as milling cutters, planer tools, drill bits can prolong by 5 ~ 40 times. At the same time, due to the fine and smooth as well as the small friction coefficient of PVD coatings, the cutting speed and surface finish can also be greatly improved, which makes the efficiency of manufacturing enterprises increase significantly, the processing accuracy and appearance of the products are also improved, and then it can bring more benefits to the enterprise.

Today, PVD coating technology has been widely used in building materials, hardwares, locksets, bathroom hardware, kitchenware, watches, medical equipment and tooling industries, and it brings considerable economic benefits to these industries and also improves their development potential. Nowadays, an increasing number of engineers in the manufacturing, construction and design industries are highly recognized for the effects, features and benefits of these PVD ion-coated products.

Type                                                    Practical Application                                                   Recommended Coating

                                             Hardwares for indoor and outdoor use, jewelry                                         ZrN, TiN 

Decorative coating                 Kitchen hardhare, bathroom hardware                                             ZrN, CrN, TiAlN

                               Turning tools, milling cutters, planer tools, drill bits, etc                        TiN, TiAlN, TiCN,CrN 

Tool coating                                                       Moulds                                                                                 CrN

                                                                  Mechanical device                                                                          CrN

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Pics: Decorative coatings on mobile phone shell and bathroom & kitchen hardwares.

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Pics: Tool coatings on moulds, drills and milling cutters.