PVD Coating Technology Is Currently Mainly Used In The Industry

- Mar 21, 2020-

PVD coating technology is currently mainly used in the industry, the application of PVD coating technology is mainly divided into two categories: decorative coating and tool coating. The purpose of decorative plating is mainly to improve the appearance of the workpiece decorative performance and color at the same time to make the workpiece more wear-resisting corrosion resistance to extend its service life; This respect basically applies each domain of hardware industry, be like door window hardware, lock, wei yu hardware to wait for an industry. The purpose of tool plating is mainly to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece, reduce the friction coefficient of the surface, and improve the service life of the workpiece; This aspect is mainly used in a variety of cutting tools, turning tools (such as turning tool, planer cutter, milling cutter, drill bit, etc.), various hardware tools (such as screwdriver, pliers, etc.), a variety of molds and other products.


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