PVD Coating (Ion Plating) Technology And Equipment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - 2nd

- Jan 30, 2018-

Q1: What are the main applications of PVD coating technology at present?  

A1: The application of PVD coating technology is mainly divided into two categories: decorative coating and tool coating. The purpose of decorative plating is mainly to improve the color and decorate properties of the workpiece appearance while improving wear resistance and corrosion resistance to extend the service life, the decorative plating is mainly used in the fields of the hardware industry such as doors and windows hardware, lockset, bathroom hardware and so on. The purpose of the tool plating is mainly to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece to reduce the surface friction coefficient and improve the service life of the workpiece, the tool plating is mainly used in knife scissors, turning tools (such as lathe tools, plane cutters, milling cutters, drills, etc.) and other fields.

Q2: Is the cost of PVD coating too high?  

A2: High-quality films can be deposited by the PVD coating technology, and the cost of PVD coating process is actually not high, in short, the PVD coating technology is a very cost-effective surface treatment method, so it developed very rapidly in recent years. PVD coating has become the development direction of surface treatment in the hardware industry.

Q3: What are the main components of PVD coating equipment?

A3: PVD coating equipment is mainly composed of by vacuum chamber, vacuum pump unit, water cooling system, power system, control systems.

Q4: Is the vacuum chamber and vacuum pump unit important for PVD coating machine?

A4: Both the vacuum chamber and vacuum pump unit are important, and they largely determine the stability and useful life of PVD coating equipment. The quality of the materials used in the vacuum chamber, the thickness of the chamber, the water-cooling mode of the chamber, the air-tightness of the assembly, welding method chamber and the outgassing rate of the chamber are all have great influence on the quality of coating. At the same time, the stability of the extraction rate of the pump unit, the extraction capacity under different levels of vacuum and the failure rate of the vacuum extraction unit have a great impact on the performance and continuous operation capability of the entire coating system. So both vacuum chamber and vacuum pump unit are important for PVD coating equipment.

Q5: Is PVD coating equipment difficult to operate?

A5: PVD coating equipment is very mature and reliable, the degree of automation of operation and control is very high. So the PVD coating equipment is relatively easy to operate. After a month of training, people with a high school or secondary school education generally have the ability to use, maintain the device, as well as some simple repairs on the device. A PVD coating equipment just needs one operator.

Q6. What are the main features and advantages of PVD coating (ion plating) technology?

A6. Compared with vacuum evaporation coating and vacuum sputtering coating, the PVD ion coating has the following advantages:

1. Adhesion of coating and workpiece surface is pretty good, the workpiece with coating is more durable and wear-resistant

2. Ion diffraction performance is good, so it deposits films on the complex-shaped workpiece

3. High film deposition rate and production efficiency

4. A wide range of coatings available

5. Film has stable performance and high safety (With FDA certification, the coatings can be embedded in body)

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