PVD Coating Compare With Conventional Electroplating

- May 16, 2019-

PVD coating is compared with traditional chemical electroplating (water electroplating)

What are the advantages of comparison?

The similarities between PVD coating and traditional chemical electroplating are as follows.

Both belong to the surface treatment paradigm

It's a way of covering one material over another on the surface of a material.

The difference between the two is: PVD coating film and the workpiece surface

The film has a higher hardness

Better wear resistance and corrosion resistance · better film performance stable :

PVD film can be plated film layer in a wide range of types, can be plated out of a variety of film surface

Color is also more beautiful.

PVD coating will not produce poisonous or contaminated substances.

Characteristics of PVD coating technology

High wear resistance (low friction coefficient)· good resistance

Features such as corrosion and chemical stability · longer film life

At the same time, the film can greatly improve the decorative performance of the appearance of the workpiece.

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