PVD Coating Color Formation

- May 26, 2020-

PVD coating Color formation

In a furnace of high vacuum and high temperature, different gases are added to combine with the emitted ions to form different colors, and then the changed ions are deposited on the surface of the product to form a dense film. If N2 is added, the plating color will be gold. Join ₂ C H ₂, color is black; If you add O2, it's going to be colorful and blue; Such as join N2 and C ₂ H ₂, color is rose gold and so on, so the color is the effect of the interaction of various kinds of gas and ion.
PVD coating film can be made of deep gold, light gold, brown, bronze, gray, black, gray black, seven colors. By controlling the relevant parameters in the coating process, the color of the plating can be controlled. After the coating can be used to measure the color of the relevant instruments, so that the color can be quantified, in order to determine whether the color of the plating to meet the requirements.