PVD Coating And Phone Case Material Forecast In 2019

- Jan 26, 2019-

PVD Coating and Phone case material forecast in 2019


In recent years, PVD coating was widely used in the mobile phone industry. IKS PVD cooperate with the Foxconn group, supplied  more than 4set PVD vacuum coating system,to make the IPhone mobile phone series in last 2 years.

2019 will be the year of the mobile phone shell material change is a foregone conclusion, its driving force is the sale of 5G smart terminal, and the brands for the fight for folding screen! The release of 5G terminal will push the mobile phone's metal back cover to the jedi, while the plastic shell will rapidly occupy the market and complete a splendid turn under the goal of cost reduction and production increase that cannot be achieved by 3D glass in the short term. Plastic back cover including composite sheet and injection molding, especially compression injection molding is expected to be rapid. Folding screen models come with powerful publicity effects. Terminals have enough reasons to invest heavily. All kinds of folding forms will appear.


5G mobile phones will be released in the first half of 2019. At present, 5G has been commercialized in South Korea, and small-scale commercialization has begun in China. Although it will take some time for large-scale applications, 5G will be the main theme of the mobile phone industry in the next few years. The change caused by 5G is the disappearance of metal, high-end glass and ceramic, and middle and low-end plastic. In addition to the effect on the material of the cover plate, new requirements are put forward for the nano-injection molding materials of the metal frame, and the materials with low dielectric constant are favored.

02. Folding screen

Some people say that folding screen can not necessarily have quantity, even if the energy production will be because of the high price, less shipments. However, the industry chain will not be abandoned due to the high cost of scientific and technological innovation, because the brand premium brought by the publicity is of great significance. Folding screen will be the full screen, 5G large-scale applications before the innovative high point. Next year samsung, lenovo and TCL may mass produce fold-screen phones. The main influence of folding screen on the appearance of mobile phone is: the front cover can't use glass, because the glass can't be bent (although some glass manufacturers have introduced flexible ultra-thin glass, but it is far from the application), the front cover will use flexible transparent plastic. The middle frame becomes more complex and requires higher strength.


Figure flexible foldable cover with transparent PI film material

03.OLED and 3D Glass

Affected by the mass production of domestic OLED brands, more mobile phones will use domestic OLED. In the past two years, the heat of 3D glass in mobile phone innovation has dropped a lot, even losing out to the full screen. Many people previously believed that OLED front cover could promote the 3D glass, but the overall screen experience would be better than the side experience of 3D glass. OLED may not be able to increase the share of 3D glass in front cover. If the folding screen is first adopted in high-end flagship phones, some of the phones originally made of 3D glass will be replaced with flexible plastic covers.


Figure OLED flexible screen, picture from the interface

04. Composite Board

The 2.5d PC+PMMA composite panel cover battle will stop in 2019, and 3D composite panel production capacity and output will be increased to an unprecedented height. Then comes the competition of cost and yield.


The xiaomi Play twilight gold has a 3D composite panel back cover

05.Injection Molding

Injection molding imitation glass will be widely adopted in 2019. In addition to high production efficiency, cost and space for reduction, injection molding gives designers very high freedom. In addition to imitation glass, imitation ceramics, imitation metal will rise;

IKS PVD vacuum coating machine, suitable for the lots of phone material, like metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, and so on.

06. Ceramic

The samsung that spreads like crazy inside course of study will roll out ceramic flagship machine will be verified. Samsung's international appeal is not comparable to xiaomi, which is expected to have 5 million + ceramic shipments. Hopes are high that samsung will revive the Chinese market. This will help other terminal manufacturers to launch more ceramic versions of mobile phones. The processing efficiency and decorative effect of ceramic mobile phone have also been greatly improved in the past year.


The samsung S10 image rendering will have a black-and-white ceramic version

07.Metal Processing

The reshuffle of mobile phone metal processing industry in 2018 is over. With the withdrawal of some manufacturers, there are few metal processing orders left. And the concentration of mobile phone brand is higher and higher, metal processing manufacturers are also strong constant strength, the strength of a little less, a careless go down. Glass back cover + metal frame, plastic back cover + metal frame package is getting more and more advantages.


Image caption the new iPhone 2018 has a glass back cover and a metal centre frame, from sohu technology

08. Frame new material

The materials used in the frame are aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The internal structure can be made of composite materials, such as steel aluminum composite, titanium aluminum composite. The use of liquid metals and titanium alloys in the frame could be adopted by the terminal as black tech launches.

09. Lift + Slide

The resilience of vivo and OPPO this year amid the shrinking Chinese smartphone market has a lot to do with their black tech tactics. At the same time, vivo's market feedback of the elevating camera exceeded expectations and went out of the unique route of the android camp. In 2019, it is expected that the lifting camera will be significantly penetrated, and it is not ruled out that the other top 5 mobile phone brands will also launch the lifting camera. This is a big positive for the MIM industry.


Vivo NEX's elevating camera, pictured from sohu technology

10. BYD phenomenon

In this round of mobile phone material change, the footsteps of the most stable to byd, in addition to from aluminum alloy back cover to frame nano-injection to 3D glass, as well as composite plate, ceramics, market share is growing, the industry chain upstream and downstream penetration is stronger. This also shows that in the processing and manufacturing industry, if there is no innovation and research and development strength, go two or three years can, but go in the long run, almost impossible.

IKS PVD coating technology development with the phone technology, so in the 5G age, IKS PVD is the best partner for phone industry as always. Contact with us now, iks.pvd@foxmail.com