Product Characteristics Of Magnetron Sputtering Coating

- Feb 23, 2021-

Product characteristics of magnetron sputtering coating
1. The annular magnetic field used by magnetron sputtering forces the secondary electrons to spin along the annular magnetic field by jumping bar. Accordingly, the region controlled by the annular magnetic field is the region with the highest plasma density. During magnetron sputtering, the sputtering gas, argon, can be seen to give off a strong light blue glow in this position, forming a ring. The target under the halo is the most heavily bombarded by ions, sputtering a ring-shaped groove. The ring magnetic field is the orbit in which electrons move, symbolized by the ring glow and grooves. Once the sputtering groove of the magnetron sputtering target penetrates the target material, it will lead to the scrap of the whole target material, so the utilization rate of the target material is not high, generally less than 40%; 

2. Plasma instability; 

3, low temperature and high speed sputtering of strong magnetic materials can not be realized, because almost all magnetic flux can not pass the magnetic target, so external strengthening magnetic field can not be added near the target surface.

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