Process Of PVD Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Mar 05, 2019-

Process of PVD vacuum coating equipment


1. Physical vapor deposition


Physical deposition (PVD) is a kind of technology used in industrial manufacturing. It's a technique that USES physical processes to deposit thin films.


Schematic diagram of PVD principle


2. Process flow


PVD pre-cleaning - vacuum into the furnace - cleaning target and ion cleaning - plating film - plating film end, cooling out - post-treatment (polishing, AFP)


3. Material


Steel, cemented carbides and electroplated plastics


4. Technical features


PVD (Physical Deposition) is capable of depositing a metal and ceramic decorative coating with high hardness and abrasion resistance on the metal surface.


5, the application


PVD can be used to coat the surface of the workpiece with different materials (metal, metal nitride or even metal carbon nitrogen or oxide) and thickness of the coating in one step. Therefore, IKS PVD, can offer the effect of iridescent chrome plating for the automotive aftermarket.


TiN and TiNbN coatings have good biocompatibility and are used in biomedical applications.



DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon) diamond-like film is a new coating material that has similar properties to Diamond film.


Hardness comparison of diamond, DLC coating and other PVD coating (vickers hardness)


DLC plated Rolex Daytona: Apollo watch.


PVD decorative surface of the phone case, tools and hardware, etc.





Mobile phone




The bathroom hardware


By plasma spraying - physical vapor deposition (ps-pvd), ceramic powder accumulates on the surface of the workpiece to form a ceramic coating. These fine ceramic coatings protect high-power equipment.


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