Principle And Application Of Holl Ion Source

- May 13, 2019-

Principle and Application of holl ion source


Ion source work principle

Type of ion source

According to the Ionic energy is divided into:

High energy 200ev or above, such as APS, RF, Kaufman ion Source;

Hall ion source below low energy 200ev

Divided by Type:

Kaufman type and Hall type


How ion sources work

In a real dense environment, the gas that is filled into the vacuum chamber is removed by using the emitted electrons under the interaction of the electric and magnetic fields, and the ions are emitted under the action of the electric and magnetic fields.


The structure principle of hall ion source
The cathode -- emits electrons
The anode -- produces ions
Gas path - provides ionized gas
The power supply


The structure of Hall ion source


The structure of Kaufman ion source


Ion energy of ion source:

Split kaufman ion source: is the voltage between the anode and the grid
Hall ion source: 65-70% of anode voltage


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