Preparatory Work For Vacuum Coating Machine Before Use

- May 16, 2018-

Before using the vacuum coating machine, it is necessary to read the instruction manual in detail and to be familiar with the principle of the whole machine structure, as well as the function and operation method of each component.

1. After confirming that the water, electricity, and gas are all installed correctly, try to run the slide valve pump and roots pump first. The direction of rotation of the pump should be same as prescribed direction.

2. Check whether the devices of various power transmission systems are operating normally.

3. Check the starting condition of the winding car and make sure the seal that the winding car is docked with the vacuum tank is reliable. Check if the various travel switches that installed on the guide rail are working properly and whether the track settle and positioning are in good condition.

4. Debug vacuum system according to the sequence from low vacuum to high vacuum, to check whether the seals of each link are reliable, whether each valve is open and closed flexibly, whether the position of the Hall switch is correct. Each vacuum pump should operate smoothly without abnormal vibration or noise.

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