Precautions When Choosing And Using Vacuum Gauges

- Jul 02, 2018-

Vacuum gauges that are most commonly used today are capacitive diaphragm vacuum gauges, thermocouple vacuum gauges, hot cathode ionization vacuum gauges, and cold cathode ionization vacuum gauges. These vacuum gauges use different physical phenomena, in which the capacitive diaphragm vacuum gauge uses force, the thermocouple vacuum gauge uses heat conduction, and the ionization vacuum gauge uses vacuum discharge. The following matters should be noted when choosing and using vacuum gauges:


1. Whether the vacuum gauge has sufficient measurement accuracy within the pressure range required by the equipment?


2. Whether the gas to be tested will cause damage to the vacuum gauge?


3. Whether the vacuum gauge will affect the measured vacuum environment?


4. Whether the pressure measured by the vacuum gauge is full pressure or partial pressure? Whether it has been calibrated? And whether it is related to the type of gas?


5. Whether the vacuum gauge can achieve continuous measurement, how about the numerical indication and reaction time?


6. Stability, reliability and service life of the vacuum gauge.