Poor Adhesion Between Plastic And Metal Coatings

- May 20, 2020-

Poor adhesion between plastic and metal coatings

The poor adhesion between plastic and metal coating is due to the plastic surface energy is generally lower, the surface polarity is poor; Secondly, plastic is easy to carry static electricity, the surface is easy to absorb dust, at the same time, plastic parts are soft, chemical stability is poor, not easy to get a really clean surface, and the cleanliness of the plastic surface is an important factor affecting the adhesion between plastic and metal coating. Third, even to keep the plastic surface clean, due to the plastic and metal expansion coefficient of an order of magnitude, in the process of film formation or film formation, the temperature change will produce thermal stress, too much stress will make the coating cracking and even fall off. In addition, due to the deposition process of metal film structure by the process of factors such as the impact of the internal stress, when the internal stress is very large, film material deposited on the plastic surface, the internal stress will be transferred to the metal coating, thereby reducing the stability of the coating, even make the coating cracking, wrinkling. In order to solve the problem of the combination of metal coating and plastic substrate, to ensure that the coating and the plastic surface have a good adhesion, vacuum coating, the plastic surface coated with an affinity with the coated metal, or the plastic surface for corona discharge activation treatment.

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