Plastic Parts Easy To Deflate In Vacuum

- May 21, 2020-

Plastic parts easy to deflate in vacuum

Plastic materials contain air, residual solvents, moisture, plasticizer, and so on, in the vacuum condition of one or more of the above components released, will make the vacuum degree decline, extend the vacuum time, affect the entire coating effect, serious even make vacuum coating operation difficult to carry out. And different kinds, different manufacturers of plastic materials, gas content is not consistent, even if the same kind of plastic, its exhaust characteristics in each evaporation may be different, which will cause great difficulties for plastic vacuum coating. In order to obtain an ideal coating layer on the plastic surface, the most commonly used method is to select an appropriate coating to seal the plastic surface to reduce the amount of air discharged in the vacuum state, or to use a two-chamber vacuum device to increase the efficiency of air extraction. At present, ion bombardment and vacuum heating have been widely used in degassing.

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