Our Independently Researched And Developed 160mm Big Arc Source Is In Debugging

- Feb 06, 2018-

Today, our independently researched and developed 160mm big arc source is in debugging. Compared with the previous 100mm arc source, this big arc source can uniformly etch the target and significantly improve the ionization rate of the target material in the coating process. With independent property right, the 160mm big arc source ensures fast film forming rate, extremely smooth film and great adhesion. At the same time, the problem of larger particles in the film plated by the small arc source can be solved, the film plated by 160mm big arc source will be very smooth and delicate.


After debugging, new arc source will be formally applied to our tools multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine, the application of this 160mm big arc source will greatly enhance the performance and coating quality of our tool PVD coating machine and then bring greater benefits to customers. The successful development of the 160mm big arc sources is another milestone of our company to independently research and develop vacuum equipments. we will further enhance our R & D capability in the future and make contributions to the development of the enterprise and the progress of vacuum coating technology.

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