Notes For Maintenance Of Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Feb 12, 2019-

Notes for maintenance of vacuum coating equipment


IKS PVD remains you, to be caution when you use the vacuum coating machine.


What should we pay attention in the maintenance of vacuum coating equipment?


1. Normally, the whole system should be kept in a vacuum state, and the gas should be filled before the work, and the vacuum chamber should not be exposed to the atmosphere for a long time;

 2, often check whether the rubber seal is good, especially the dynamic seal ring, regularly add vacuum grease to the dynamic seal;

3. Check electrical components regularly, remove dust, and replace damaged components;

 4. Do not remove the diffusion pump and valve in the vacuum state. The disassembly method is as follows: firstly, pump the whole vacuum system to the vacuum state, pay attention not to heat the diffusion pump, manually open the fine extraction valve, and then press the release valve button to fill the system into the atmosphere, and then disassemble the diffusion pump and valve after the vacuum chamber is filled with atmosphere;

5. When stopping the rotary vane pump and slide valve pump, pay attention to whether the solenoid valve (or pneumatic valve) inflates into the pump chamber, or it will cause oil return and pollute the vacuum pipe. Therefore, solenoid valve (or pneumatic valve) inflation action failure, must be timely repair or replacement;

6. For the northern region, in cold season, when the coach stops at night and for a long time, the cooling water must be driven out of the cooling pipe and pump body with compressed gas to avoid freezing and cracking the cooling water pipe (jacket) and pump body;

7. The fine pumping system can only work after the vacuum pressure reaches 3Pa. If the pump is pumped under too high pressure, it will oxidize the diffusion pump oil, reduce the pumping capacity and shorten the service life of the pump oil.

8, in order to ensure that the vacuum coating equipment has a clean working environment, the slide valve pump exhaust gas must be used to pipe it out of the working room, because the gas from the slide valve pump contains a lot of small fog. If it is not out of the work room, then in the load is plated workpiece, although the surface of the workpiece after careful cleaning treatment, still will soon be small oil mist pollution, serious impact on the quality of the film;

9. Water shall not be cut off in the process of work, and the cooling water used shall be clean, and hard water or turbid water shall not be used as cooling water, otherwise, a layer of scale will be deposited in the cooling water pipe, affecting the cooling effect.

10. It is strictly prohibited to stand within 500MM when the workpiece holder rotates, and it is reliable to stand close behind when it stops!