Normal Operating Conditions Of Vacuum Coating Machine

- Jun 01, 2018-

Since the vacuum coating equipment is working under vacuum, the machine must meet the vacuum requirements for the environment:

1. Ambient temperature: 10~30°C

2. Relative humidity70%

3. The cooling water inlet temperature25°C

4. Cooling water quality: city tap water or equivalent quality water

5. Supply voltage is 380V, three-phase 50Hz or 220V, single-phase 50Hz (determined by the electrical appliances’ requirement), voltage fluctuation range is 342~399V or 198V~231V, frequency fluctuation range is 49~51Hz.

6. The pressure, temperature and consumption of compressed air, liquid nitrogen, hot and cold water, etc. required by the equipment should be stated in the product instruction manual.

7. The surrounding environment of the equipment is clean as well as the air. There should be no dust or gas that can cause surface corrosion of electrical appliances or electrical conduction between metals.

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