New Product - ZY-1515 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine Is For Sale

- Jun 14, 2018-

Glad to say that ZY-1515 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine is for sale now, please find it in PRODUCT- VACUUM COATING EQUIPMENT for detail information.

ZY-1515 decorative vacuum coating machine is a high-quality vacuum coating equipment specially used for the coating of sanitary products. And it is a magnetic control and multi-arc all-in-one machine. This equipment adopts medium-frequency magnetron sputtering technology, multi-arc ion plating technology, pulse bias technology and other advanced technologies. It also uses high-power medium-frequency sputtering power supply, magnetically controlled medium-frequency cylindrical targets and pneumatic arc round targets, which greatly increase the sputtering rate of targets and the deposition rate of thin films, but also greatly improves film uniformity and adhesion.


At the same time, ZY-1515 is equipped with newly developed PLC intelligent program and touch screen automatic control system, which can complete the process settings, data collection, recording and other missions. Also, it has is simple and fast operation, as well as stable and reliable performance.

ZY-1515 can make smooth coatings in IP black, rose gold, IP gold, sapphire blue, champagne gold, silver, brown, colorful, gun black, zirconium, rose red and other colors, the coating is awfully dense and uniform with strong adhesion to have an effect of beauty and protection. Therefore, the machine is widely used to make TiN, TiC, TiCN, CrN, TiAlN and other high-quality coatings for the bathroom accessory, hardware, watchcase, bracelet, golf equipment, tableware and other products.

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