New Product - Twist Clamp Cylinder--ACK Series Is For Sale

- Jun 19, 2018-

Glad to say that Twist Clamp Cylinder--ACK Series is for sale now, please find it in PRODUCT- VACUUM COATING EQUIPMENT for detail information.


Acting type: Double acting

Bore size: 25/32/40/50/63

Product Feature

1. The material of seals guarantees the reliable performance of the cylinder that is used under various conditions.

2. Three-slot guide structure leads to high guide precision.

3. There are single and double side clamping fingers can be selected (90°).

4. Levorotatory and dextrorotary are available: 90° and 180°.

5. The material of piston rod is made from special alloy steel, which has longer life after heat treatment.

Also, we provides other types high quality cylinders. 

Click here:Twist Clamp Cylinder--ACK Series for details.