New Energy-saving Glass PVD Vacuum Coating Machine Will Play A Great Role In The Construction Industry

- Feb 27, 2019-

New energy-saving glass PVD vacuum coating machine will play a great role in the construction industry


With the increase of building energy conservation policy, the standardization of building management standard and the improvement of glass industry technology level, energy-saving glass, safety glass and environmental glass will shine in the future building, play a greater and greater effect.


Low radiation glass and multifunctional coated glass, also known as insulating glass, has the largest solar transmission and the smallest reflection coefficient.It can let 80% visible light enter the room and be absorbed by the object, and keep the long wave radiated by more than 90% of the indoor object in the room, greatly improving the energy utilization rate.At the same time, it can selectively transfer solar energy and transfer most of the heat radiation energy into the interior, which can play the role of heat preservation and energy saving in the heating building.Compared with ILE glass, IMF glass has the same principle in heat conduction control, but it is superior in reducing thermal energy entry.Additional low radiate glass and muti_function glass are opposite the sunlight of different frequency spectrum is transmitted have selectivity, can filter ultraviolet ray, avoid indoor furniture, picture, artwork to wait because of ultraviolet ray illuminate and fade, still can absorb partial visible light, have the effect that prevents dazzle light.


In addition, there is a kind of coated glass can prevent solar radiation in summer and the effect of thermal radiation, outdoor winter main block indoor thermal radiation effect, on the basis of performance with low radiation glass properties of reflective glass, give attention to two or morethings in retain the original under the premise of low radiation membrane layer, by changing the other membrane layer thickness reduced sunlight, especially near infrared transmittance, improve the sunlight reflection and absorption, low emissivity, shading coefficient is small.


Each of the above energy-saving glass has its own thermal advantages and disadvantages. Use must be based on the geographical, climatic characteristics, building orientation, level and economic consumption level, according to local conditions to optimize the choice. For instance building tall or sunshine radiate is more abundant building face and place appropriate choose to absorb heat glass, in order to develop the adiabatic function of glass adequately, won't cause too big effect to indoor light again; Cold and cold climate areas, should choose low radiation glass and multi-functional coated glass, in order to give full play to the function of glass insulation, reduce indoor heating load; In hot area of winter warm summer, appropriate chooses to turn over radiate glass, in order to develop the heat insulation function advantage of glass adequately, reduce the air conditioning load of summer room.


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