Multi-arc Ion Coating

- May 17, 2020-

Multi-arc ion coating is the process of placing the material to be plated and the substrate to be plated in a vacuum chamber, heating the material to be plated by a certain method to make it evaporate or sublimate, multi-arc ion coating and flying sputtering to the surface of the substrate to form a film. Multi-arc ion coating film has a wide application range, such as ABS material, ABS+PC material and PC material products. At the same time, due to its complex process, environment and high equipment requirements, the unit price is more expensive than water multi-arc ion coating film.
1. The metal film layer obtained by the multi-arc ion coating is very thin (generally 0.01~0.1um), and the surface shape of the beer-part can be strictly copied by the multi-arc ion coating.
2. The working voltage of multi-arc ion coating film is not very high (200V), which is easy to operate, but the equipment is more expensive.
3. The capacity of multi-arc ion plating film evaporation pot and bottle is small, the number of electroplated parts is small, and the production efficiency is low.
4. The multi-arc ion coating film is limited to the metal (such as aluminum, silver, copper, gold, etc.) whose melting point is lower than tungsten wire.
5. Multi-arc ion plating film has a higher requirement on the surface quality of the plating part, and usually the backing oil is needed to make up for the surface defects of the workpiece before electroplating.
6. Multi-arc ion coating film can be used to plating a variety of plastics, such as ABS, PE, PP, PVC, PA, PC, PMMA, etc.
Arc ion plating method, under the condition of vacuum film has a lot of advantages, many arc ion coating can reduce evaporation materials of atoms and molecules in the process of flying to the substrate in the molecular collision, many arc ion coating to reduce active molecule in the gas and the chemical reaction between evaporation source materials (such as oxidation, etc.), and reduce the film-forming process of gas molecules into the film as the amount of impurities, multi arc ion coating to provide membrane layer density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion with substrate.


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