Mi Mix 3: Slide Full Screen + Colorful Ceramic Rear Cover

- Oct 31, 2018-

Mi mix 3: slide full screen + colorful ceramic rear cover


At 2pm on October 25th, the mi mix 3 was released in the Forbidden City. As predicted, it adopts the sliding cover comprehensive screen, which accounts for 93.4%. Meanwhile, like the mix 2S, the whole body is a colorful ceramic rear cover (black, emerald green, sapphire blue) +7 series aluminum frame design. We mainly look at the sliding cover design of this phone from the perspective of appearance structure, as well as the composition of ceramic rear cover technology and industrial chain. Mainly includes:

1.Magnetic sliding cover overall screen design

2.Four curved color ceramic body

3.Ceramic cover plate technology

4.Ceramic back cover industrial chain composition


First magnetic power sliding cover comprehensive screen


It can be said that xiaomi is the first manufacturer to make the full-screen slide phone. For this mix 3 slide phone, leibbs applied for the design patent of the slide phone as early as February this year.


In some ways, the mobile phone slide design is a reappearance of the mobile phone design idea n years ago. In fact, the development of the industry is often like this. No matter the design or the process of manufacturing, it is always a cycle of several years, such as the current mobile phone glass cover plate, stainless steel frame, plastic shell, texture and so on can be seen everywhere. However, thanks to the new technology, both the appearance quality and user experience are much better and more technological. That's the case with the mi mix 3.


This is the first full-screen mobile phone released by xiaomi, and it is also the first manufacturer of full-screen mobile phone with sliding cover in the real sense of the whole mobile phone industry.


Push out the front-facing camera module by manual, to achieve a full screen without forehead.


So how does the mi MIX 3 slider screen principle work? In fact, in this context, xiaomi has added innovative elements, and adopted the magnetic power principle to replace the traditional ordinary spring sliding cover mobile phone. The screen structure adopts the magnetic power sliding rail design, and USES the magnetic pole repulsion principle to generate kinetic energy. It has high temperature resistance, stable performance and thinner NdFeB(neodymium iron boron) permanent magnet. Compared with the ordinary spring slide phone, the pushing life of the screen is up to 300,000 times.


 Ceramics Metallization Coating Machine

NdFeB(neodymium iron boron) ceramic chip/column surface metalized coating machine, adopt magnetron sputtering process on the NdFeB(neodymium iron boron)chip/column surface to deposit Tb(terbium) metal film, or Dy(dysprosium) metal film, and improve the performance of magnetic ceramic through diffusion treatment.



From a design perspective, this kind of mobile phone innovative enough, and created the full screen for the first time a new interactive experience, in official term is "push" and "ones on screen", compared to the traditional slide phone screen press, in addition to meet the needs of the different scenarios, the ones to push screen touch feeling, also can relieve stress, known as "a new generation of decompression artifact".


Four curved color ceramic body


We know that the ceramic back cover has been the millet mobile phone unique identity tags, millet MIX of all ceramic body, let the ceramic concept of mobile phone into homes, millet after 6 cell phone version, MIX2 ceramic released completely promote the development of the whole of the back cover of pottery and porcelain industry, also shocked the mobile phone industry, and into 2018, millet and released the first color ceramic MIX 2 s jade color, MIX 3 in the third generation of millet, emerald green of the ceramic cover plate to mass production. It can be said, without xiaomi, ceramic phone will not have such a rapid development.



The mi mix 3 adds a new color scheme on the basis of the original emerald color: sapphire blue, the design level is further improved, and the color ceramic technology is more mature, which makes the appearance quality of the ceramic phone more advanced.


The colorful secret of this third-generation ceramic mobile phone is still made by putting ceramic color material into nano-zirconia ceramic materials and continuously testing and adjusting the proportion of color material. In the process of color development, each attempt needs to be redone for powder preparation, moulding, high-temperature sintering and CNC machining, with the minimum number of days and more than one month.


Ceramic plate to add a new color, small batch production well, if this is the production of tens of millions of level, difficulty and risk is very big, because in the process of firing, nano ceramic particles in high temperature recrystallization links as the density of the whole, the process will be accompanied by space contraction, various forms, such as volume decrease of change. At the same time, this micro-molecular process is completely random, unknown and uncontrollable in the high temperature sintering furnace, that is to say, the strength and color of the sintered blank material after the completion of the baking can be known only after the release of the material. Once the color material formula is wrong, this batch of ceramics embryo body will be completely scrapped.



Not only that, different color material formula needs the sintering temperature is also different. Even if the same color formulation, in the process of firing, the temperature changes will affect the final ceramic product color. Faced with such complex double variables, only by finding the most suitable combination of color materials and matching the sintering temperature of the most suitable heat, can we get the color ceramic products with pure color and standard strength.


The metal 7 series aluminum frame with color ceramics is processed by high-light technology. After polishing, polishing, injection molding, welding and other dozens of processes, the whole body thickness is only 8.46 mm, light and solid, with extremely high abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance. The whole machine looks like an exquisite handicraft with excellent appearance quality.



Journey of ceramic cover plate forming process


In the molding process of ceramic cover plate, the main processes of strengthening ceramic materials from raw materials to finished products include powder preparation, cover plate molding, degreasing, sintering, CNC processing, polishing and grinding, perforation, detection, laser /PVD coating decoration, AF coating, packaging, etc., which are generally introduced as follows:


1. Powder preparation

The raw material for the ceramic cover plate of mobile phone is zirconia, which is mainly prepared by a piece of ore. Generally speaking, the ore is damaged by the process, and the zirconia is extracted by a series of complicated processes.


2. Flat forming

In the field of mobile phone ceramic cover plate, molding mainly consists of three types: injection molding, dry pressing and flow molding; the ceramic cover plate of mi MIX 2 and primary mobile phone is dry pressing molding; the ceramic cover plate of mi 5 and mi 6 is flow forming.


3. Degrease sintering

By heating or other physicochemical methods, the organic matter in the body of the injection molding blank is removed. The granule of powder ceramics is re - crystallized and compact after sintering at high temperature of 1400.

4. Finishing

CNC machining, polishing, opening, inspection and surface treatment were carried out for the finished ceramic shell.