Mi 9 Shock Release, Design Highlights Summary, Holographic Unreal Color Technology Revealed

- Feb 26, 2019-

Mi 9 shock release, design highlights summary, holographic unreal color technology revealed


February 20, Mi 9 shock release, in the light of the transformation, with the full curved mobile phone glass back cover, showing a different color transformation, today, we look at the design highlights of this mobile phone and behind the magic color process in the end what is it?


I. summary of design highlights


The design highlights of the mi 9 phone should be discussed from two perspectives:

In terms of shape, the mi 9 is a mobile phone designed for "curved surface". The R Angle on the front and the corner of the frame are very round and delicate. The 3D glass with full curved surface makes the whole body smooth and full.

From decorative, accompany light shadow and Angle changeover ceaselessly, whole airframe presents a different time excessive color.


1. Full-curved glass body design

Compared with the four-curved body (straight line + curve), the back cover of this mobile phone is made of full curved surface (all curves), and the whole is round and full, which is the real "3D glass" design.



2. Ultra high screen proportion design

Adopt water drop overall screen design, screen accounts for up to 90.7%.


3. Extremely thin and light design

It features a lightweight design with a thickness of 7.61mm and a weight of 173g.




4. The body made of holographic magic color

Interferometric lithography technology was used to produce the "nano-holographic laminated film". Please refer to the process of the second part for details. .


5. Double metal lens protection bracket


6. Sapphire lens glass protection piece

Sapphire applications increased costs by 37 percent.


7. Angel eye camera ring design

On color stripe also designed gradient change color, with whole unreal color airframe echo.


.What is the process behind it?

How to achieve color transformation under light and shadow? There are two processes, one is the nano-laser texture process, one is the double-layer coating process. This inside, the color change dazzle is cool, with the back cover texture manufacturing is inseparable, and then in-depth, the inside texture mold processing technology is the key to victory!


Official holographic iridescence technology is actually refers to the nanometer level precision laser engraving technology, first in terms of texture mold carved by laser technology of thousands of colorful diffraction units, each unit cutting out multiple optical diffraction plane, again through the transfer to the diaphragm, diaphragm of millet 9 this phone, there are millions of optical arrays, each array point and contains more than 150 shapes like mountains of grating lines, texture transfer of diaphragm after through coating, printing and other surface decoration process, again with curved glass back cover joint is completed. Personally, the more sophisticated the texture is, the more complex it is. When the light reaches the texture layer through the glass, the richer and more gorgeous the shadow effect will be, and the stronger the dynamic sensibility will be.



Figure "interference lithography" technology



Figure Hologram texture diaphragm



Figure. Microscopically, the texture shape on the diaphragm


The mermaid line presented by the mi 9 phone brings people an extreme visual experience.



Mi 9 this double layer coating, in the original coating on the basis of a brightening coating, let the whole body presents a glittering and translucent light sense, with the complex precision texture brought about by the light changes and full curved glass cover, let the visual effect on a new level!


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