Method Of Reducing The Dust Of Vacuum Coating

- Apr 19, 2018-

The dust on the surface of the vacuum tube coating will affect the overall effect of the vacuum coating. The method of reduce the vacuum coating dust:

1. The raw materials used are in accordance with the specified purity requirements.

2. The sample is removed and placed in a clean environment.

3. After the coating machine is working for a period of time, the vacuum chamber interior wall must be cleaned.

4. Cleaning the substrate material must be done in strict accordance with the process requirements.

5. The staff has special clothing, and wear gloves and foot covers are required when operation.

6. Properly increasing the humidity of the environment is conducive to reducing the suspended solids particles in the surrounding environment.

7. Indoor air mobility is low and the ground is clean. If it is bare concrete, it needs to be covered. Walls and roofs cannot be painted with general gray paint.

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