Maintenance Steps Of Vacuum Coating Machine

- May 24, 2018-

First of all, it must be ensured that the coating machine is in full contact with the ground. The diffusion pump and the oil booster pump must be connected to the cooling water before heating and turn on the holding pump. Besides, the holding pump should be maintained for half an hour after diffusion pump and booster pump stop working. The water should be cut off after one hour. But if the pump is not cooled to below 80°C, the cooling water must not be cut off to prevent the pump core from being burned.

Both the diffusion pump and the booster pump have standby water outlet. If the coating machine or power fails, the standby outlet must be used to cool the diffusion pump and the booster pump. Before the coating operation, all equipment must be connected to cooling water system to prevent the electrodes and the substrate from being burned. Diffusion pump and oil booster pump must not come into contact with the atmosphere under heating, so as to avoid oxidation of the pump oil. Check and adjust the water flow relay regularly to see whether the water cutoff alarm is normal, and ensure that the equipment cooling water supply is unblocked.  When disassemble and assemble coating machine parts, be careful to protect the sealing work surfaces from mechanical scratches or damage, so as to ensure reliable sealing performance of the coating machine.

The vacuum sealed parts of the transmission shafts are all sealed in the form of “framework oil seals.” The framework oil seals are filled with vacuum grease and diffusion pump oil with very low saturated oil vapor pressure. It will wear out for a while and must be filled with the same vacuum grease and diffusion pump oil. Please note that never use other oils instead.