Maintenance Of Vacuum Coating Equipment After Long-Term Operation

- Apr 17, 2018-

1. Fill the equipment with atmosphere, remove the connecting water pipe, and unscrew the first stage nozzle. Then, clean the pump chamber and pump bladder with gasoline and wash it with detergent. After the water evaporates, install the cylinder block, re-inject the new diffusion pump oil, and place it back into device. And then, you can restart it.

2. When the vacuum equipment is restarted, special attention should be paid to the leak detection work. First, observe whether the vacuum degree of the diffusion pump reaches 6x10PA, if not, the leak detection should be performed.

3. Inspect whether the joint has O-ring seals or whether the seals are crushed.

4. The equipment only can be heated after eliminating leakage hazards. Otherwise the diffusion pump oil will be burned and cannot work.

5. After the pumps of vacuum pumping equipment work continuously for one month, it need to replace the new oil, which means completely discharge the old oil from the pump and then replace a certain amount of new pump oil. After more than six months of continuous use, the oil cover should be opened when replacing the vacuum pump oil, and the dirt in the box should be wiped clean with a cloth.