Main Process Flow Of Magnetron Sputtering

- Aug 21, 2020-

Main process flow of magnetron sputtering:
(l) Substrate cleaning, mainly using isopropyl alcohol steam cleaning, followed by soaking the substrate with ethanol and acetone and drying it quickly to remove surface oil stains;
(2) Vacuum pumping, the vacuum must be controlled at more than 2×104Pa to ensure the purity of the film;
(3) Heating. In order to remove the surface moisture of the substrate and improve the binding force between the film and the substrate, the substrate should be heated at a temperature between 150℃ and 200℃.
(4) Partial pressure of argon, generally within the range of 0.01~1Pa, to meet the pressure condition of glow discharge;
(5) Presputtering, which is to remove the oxide film on the target surface by ion bombardment, so as not to affect the quality of the film;
(6) Sputtering: Under the action of orthogonal magnetic field and electric field, the positive ions formed by ionized argon bombast the target material at high speed, so that the target particles emitted by sputtering reach the substrate surface and deposit into film;
(7) In annealing, the thermal expansion coefficient of thin film and substrate is different, and the bonding force is small. In annealing, the mutual diffusion of atoms between thin film and substrate can effectively improve the adhesion.

微信图片_20200810145755FIG. Magnetron sputtering coating process flow chart

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