Magnetron Sputtering Coating

- May 16, 2020-

Magnetron sputtering coating is filled with inert gas in a vacuum, and a high voltage dc is applied between the plastic matrix and the metal target. The inert gas is excited by the electrons generated by the glow discharge, and a plasma is generated. The plasma blows out the atoms of the metal target and deposits them on the plastic matrix. Due to sputtering atom energy is 1 ~ 2 orders of magnitude higher than evaporation atomic energy, high-energy sputtering atom energy deposition in the matrix transformation, can happen even part injection, sputtering film-forming process at the same time, the substrate in plasma was cleaned and activated all the time, so the sputtering deposition and adhesion is better than evaporation coating on the surface of the plastic film layer of dense, uniform, such as with appropriate workpiece rotation, can obtain a uniform coating on surface of complex ion plating is a combination of evaporation process and sputtering technique, it is at the same time of coating can charge ion bombardment and workpiece surface membrane layer, the coating layer and substrate is good, Not easy to come off. Because the energy of the metal atom is lower than that of the evaporation, even the plastic with poor heat resistance can produce a metal film with good stability on its surface.

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