Key Points For Purchasing Vacuum Coating Machine

- Mar 08, 2018-

The following are the main points for purchasing Vacuum coating machine:

1. The vacuum system consists of mechanical pump, diffusion pump, oil booster pump, roots pump, turbo molecular pump, and various well-matched pneumatic valve, manual valve, electric valves, pipelines and so on.

2. Choosing coating equipment in different specifications and types according to the process requirements, including such as thermal evaporation, electron beam evaporation, magnetron sputtering, magnetron reactive sputtering, ion plating, hollow cathode ion plating, multi-arc ion plating, etc.

3. The furnace body can be stainless steel, carbon steel or double-layer water-cooling structure that made of their combination.

4. The clamp running mode including rotation, orbit motion and rotation +orbit motion. Users can make corresponding requirements such as rotation speed, rotation range and rotation accuracy, etc. according to the substrate size and shape.

5. Inflate system can be mass flow meter, float flow meter + needle valve gauge and corresponding charging valve, users can also choose multiple gas charging pipelines and corresponding flow parameters.

6. Choosing coating method and coating form according to the process requirements, vacuum measurement system can be digital intelligent vacuum gauge and high-quality measurement gauges, and other measuring instruments. Film thickness measurement system can be square resistance measuring meter, penetration rate meter and so on.

7. According to the applied characteristics of equipment, control system can be manual control method, semi-automatic control method, fully automatic control method or a combination of them.

8. Perfect alarm system that can give sound-light alarms for the vacuum chamber body, water shortage, diffusion pump failure, air pressure, over-voltage, over-current and other anomalies conditions.

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